Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley on BBC Podcasts

Back for a second series British historian, author, curator and presenter Lucy Worsley is joined by a team of female detectives to investigate the crimes of some of the most notorious Victorian women from a contemporary, feminist perspective in a ten-part BBC podcast series.

In this historical true-crime podcast, we’ll hear Lucy Worsley and her team dissect some of the most heinous crimes committed by Victorian women including Mary Ann Cotton – Britain’s first serial killer, Lizzie Borden – the axe murderer from 19th Century New England and Amelia Dyer – a baby farmer accused of killing hundreds of infants.

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  • Producers: Hannah Fisher, Jane Greenwood, Alex Baxter, Diane Hope, Sandra Bartlett, Julia Hayball
  • Readers: Clare Corbett, Jonathan Keeble, Moya Angela, Colleen Prendergast and William Hope
  • Sound Design: Chris Maclean