Infinite Monkey Cage

Exclusive: "The Infinite Monkey Cage BBC Podcasts"

Join physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince in the hugely popular and award-winning podcast series that looks at the world through a scientist and a comedian’s eyes. For over 10 years, Infinite Monkey Cage has brought together minds from the world of science and comedy to discuss everything from space travel and dinosaurs to evolution and armageddon. You’ll laugh and learn in equal measure.

Infinite Monkey Cage Series 25, new to BBC Podcasts, sees Brian and Robin joined by a host of exciting guests from the world of comedy including Conan O’Brien, Eric Idle and Tim Minchin, plus scientists from Caltech, NASA and more. They’ll be covering topics including planets outside our solar system, what we’ve learnt from Covid and more.

Listen to new episodes of Infinite Monkey Cage in the US and Canada exclusively with BBC Podcasts. Available on Apple Podcasts.