Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley on BBC Podcasts

Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley

Lady Killers With Lucy Worsley is a smash hit historical true-crime podcast. Join Lucy and a team of female detectives as they investigate the ordinary lives – and extraordinary crimes – of women in the past from a contemporary feminist perspective. In this series, Lucy revisits the unthinkable crimes of murderesses including Mary Surratt, accused of conspiring to assassinate a U.S. President. All three seasons of Lady Killers with Lucy Worsley are available now wherever you get your favorite podcasts.



  • Producers: Hannah Fisher, Jane Greenwood, Alex Baxter, Diane Hope, Sandra Bartlett, Julia Hayball
  • Readers: Clare Corbett, Jonathan Keeble, Moya Angela, Colleen Prendergast and William Hope
  • Sound Design: Chris Maclean