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In this podcast series exclusive to BBC Podcasts, Helena Merriman interviews people who – like her – were changed by a medical diagnosis.

Everyone is one diagnosis away from the end of their life as they know it. That was the case for Helena Merriman, who walked into a doctor’s office one day, received a shocking diagnosis, and emerged a different person. Room 5 follows Helena as she connects with other people whose lives were upended by unexpected diagnoses. This immersive, intimate series delves into the reality of misunderstood conditions, exploring how we continue to live—and even thrive—in bodies and minds that we no longer understand.


Room 5 Credits

Written, presented and produced by Helena Merriman

Composer: Jeremy Warmsley

Sound Design: Eloise Whitmore

Production Co-ordinator: Janet Staples

Editor: Emma Rippon

Commissioning Editor: Richard Knight