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Every creative work you’ve ever loved has a hero’s journey behind it. On Spark & Fire, you’ll hear creators tell the story of bringing one beloved work to life.

Iconic creatives — like Wicked composer Stephen Schwartz, Pixar director Domee Shi, comedian Patton Oswald, musician Wynton Marsalis, and novelist Isabel Allende — share the endless iterations, the inevitable setbacks, and the breakthrough ideas along the epic process of creation. But this isn’t an interview show. It’s a story — told entirely in the artist’s own words.

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Spark & Fire is a WaitWhat original series in partnership with the BBC. With host June Cohen, cofounder of WaitWhat and the former executive producer of TED Talks.

Featured in the new season…

Spark & Fire podcast

Comedian Patton Oswalt

How can you recover your creativity – after a loss that feels like ‘total shipwreck’? You let yourself feel it, and then open yourself up to inspiration.

Genius comedian Patton Oswalt shows the way in the Spark & Fire podcast.

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Knives Out director Rian Johnson

How do you create deeply imaginative work? There’s a method behind the magic.

As Rian Johnson (Last Jedi, Looper, Brick) takes us on the journey of joyfully reinventing the murder-mystery, you’ll hear the way he draws on childhood memories to inspire his work.

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Rian Johnson on Spark & Fire
Ann Patchett on Spark & Fire

Novelist Ann Patchett on “The Dutch House”

When Ann Patchett sat down to read through her first draft of The Dutch House, she realized she had made a terrible mistake. A wrong turn, on page 36, sent the entire rest of the novel careening down the wrong path.

So what’d she do?

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